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The 13 best comic books right now

It’s a fantastic time to be a comic book fan.

While the industry is dominated by superheroes, especially the ones who command those multi million dollar blockbusters, there’s as large a variety as ever of different stories that span all different genres. From angsty tweens to gay superheroes with an appetite for bloodlust to pulpy, feminist science fiction, the world of comics is as big and diverse as ever. There’s something for those seeking light and sweet escapes as well as deeper, political, and heartier reads.

And these are the 13 titles you should definitely be reading right now.

This list is updated every couple months, whenever new titles and storylines warrant inclusion, and is organized alphabetically. It’s curated by Alex Abad-Santos, who reads a lot of different comic books but admits he has biases, including puppies over kittens, cakes over pies, Magneto over the Joker, the X-Men over the Avengers, and Storm over any other superhero on the planet.

Alex Abad-Santos