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Twitter Editorial Director Karen Wickre Is Leaving the Company

Wickre was at Twitter for more than four years.

Marisa Allegra Williams (@marisa) for Twitter, Inc.

Twitter’s editorial director, Karen Wickre, is leaving the company after more than four years.

Wickre made the announcement in a Medium post Friday. She ran Twitter’s editorial teams, which includes overseeing all of the company’s public-facing content like blogs and Twitter accounts. (She did not, however, work on Twitter’s media product Moments.)

Before joining Twitter in 2011, she spent almost a decade at Google working on communications and public affairs.

Wickre didn’t mention specifics about what’s next, but wants to get into consulting. “My timing seems to be good, as the need for what I call editorial thinking has perhaps never been greater,” she wrote. “There are more channels for speaking, sharing, opining, and message-shaping than ever before, and I’m already in talks with startups, VCs, and creative firms about how I can help people and teams work to communicate clearly and consistently.”

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