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Blake Griffin dropped by Broad City for some light clubbing and full-frontal nudity

Broad City's cameos are so off-the-wall delightful that it would be forgivable to assume you made them all up in a delirious fever dream. The brassy Comedy Central comedy has enlisted a stellar set of drop-ins to Abbi and Ilana's surreal world, from Patricia Clarkson to Whoopi Goldberg to Tony Danza to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But this week, NBA star Blake Griffin might have topped them all.

When Ilana (played by series co-creator Ilana Glazer) meets Blake (playing himself) in a club, she's immediately drawn to him. But it's not because she's starstruck; she doesn't even know who he is, until Abbi clues her in. No, Ilana is intrigued because she's never slept with a man taller than 6-foot-5.

The only problem — as she discovers once they get back to his hotel room — is that Blake's penis is apparently so big that penetrative sex would be impossible.

Blake Griffin drops his pants on Broad City. Comedy Central
Ilana salutes Blake Griffin after seeing the size of his penis. Comedy Central

And so they get a little more creative.

The ensuing sequence is, without a doubt, one of the most absurd and entertaining montages Broad City has ever done — which is saying a lot. To release their frantic sexual energy, Ilana and Blake hump their way around the hotel room, in a series of increasingly bizarre positions.

Naked Ilana with blurred-out breasts "flying" on naked Blake Griffin's knees like an airplane. Comedy Central
Blake Griffin rocks Ilana like a baby. Comed Central
Naked Ilana sitting on top of Blake Griffin, but you can't see his upper body, so it looks like she has giant legs and feet. Comedy Central

It's even a little sweet at times, as they take a break to calmly sip some tea and extol the virtues of the WNBA (Blake: "I literally steal moves from them all the time") and women in general ("always making stuff better").

Blake Griffin and Ilana sitting in hotel room chairs and drinking tea while naked. Comedy Central

TL;DR: Griffin's self-effacing, unashamed, and naked turn — both physically and emotionally — isn't just a joy to watch, but yet another example of just how good Broad City is at pulling people into its world of radical self-acceptance and debauchery.

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