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Fox News's Republican debate, from Donald Trump's penis to his flexibility, in 29 tweets

Debates offer a unique time for journalists, pundits, and other political watchers to gather around a television and do what they do best: Snark on Twitter.

Fox News's Republican debate on Thursday was absolutely no exception. From Donald Trump defending the size of his hands and … penis to Trump's math-challenged policy proposals, there was a lot to mock and joke about as the debate's two hours unfolded.

Here's a roundup of some of Vox's favorite tweets of the night, from the best zingers to the best takes.

Yes, it happened: Donald Trump defended the size of his penis

Donald Trump couldn't explain the ridiculous numbers behind his policy proposals

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump constantly insulted each other

Ted Cruz also went after Donald Trump pretty hard

Donald Trump wants you to know he's really flexible — and Marco Rubio thinks Trump can do yoga

Megyn Kelly was on fire

The audience was … very active

The best takes of the night

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