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The new Ghostbusters trailer is finally here. It's hilarious.

On Thursday, the trailer for the highly anticipated reboot of Ghostbusters — now with women leads — was released. After months of waiting (a promo picture was released in July), we finally get to see Leslie JonesKate McKinnonMelissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig in action.

The movie is being marketed to hit the sweet spot between Bridesmaids (Wiig and McCarthy have to deal with ghost barf) and Spy (there's plenty of clunky physical humor and wacky gadgets). That approach makes sense, as Bridesmaids and Spy were two hugely successful movies that really solidified Wiig and McCarthy's careers (McCarthy starred in both films) and played to their strengths. McKinnon and Jones, two bright spots on Saturday Night Live, round out the group with weird and physical humor.

The trailer does a nice job of not giving away too much — we see the Ghostbusters get slimed, learn how they're the best in their fields (physics and engineering), get a glimpse of the origin story of the Ecto-1, ogle some eye candy (an objectified Chris Hemsworth), and enjoy a little taste of the women firing their proton packs (the coolest part, really).

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 22.