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Sony Says 4K Movies Will Cost a Whopping $30 When Streaming Service Launches in April

If you already own "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" but want to upgrade, that's less expensive.


Sony said it will launch its planned ultra-high-definition streaming movie service in April, called Ultra, with movies costing a hefty $30 apiece to buy.

Consumers who already own titles in standard or high-definition format will be able to “upgrade” movies in their collection to ultra-high-definiton, or 4K, resolution for $12 to $15. The upgrade option is limited, initially, to Sony-produced videos.

The company said that consumers will get four movies included with the purchase of one of the company’s 2016 4K TV models.

Sony made the announcement Tuesday at a briefing with reporters in San Francisco after previewing the service at CES in January.

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