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Twitter Turns 10! A Look at Some of Twitter's Best First Tweets.

Just setting up our twttrs.

Hillary Clinton / Twitter

Happy birthday, Twitter!

It has been exactly 10 years since Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was "just setting up my twttr," becoming the first of hundreds of millions of people to do the same. In a decade, Twitter has grown from a five-person startup into a multi-billion dollar public company, and the tweet has grown right along with it.

What was once a virtual status update ("eating some cereal") is now a medium for the world’s most important public figures to spout their most important public thoughts. It’s a message that carries links and pictures and GIFs. Tweets can spread hope or heartbreak or fear.

They can also be pretty hilarious. In honor of Twitter’s 10th birthday, we’ve pulled together a collection of "first tweets" from some of the most influential tweeters around. Much like Twitter in general, some are great, some are poor and some just make you go, "huh?"


Considering the offensive soundbites The Donald usually creates, this was rather disappointing.

Much, much better.

Good to know!

Also good to know!

A little boring, but it didn’t get him into any trouble.

We need to find this interview.

Literally one minute behind @jack.

R.I.P. @StartupLJackson.

And here is a look at the first tweets from Re/code’s staff. A few of these are a little too fitting.

She still does this!



Thirsty follower plea. Nice start!

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