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The Most Popular Hashtag on Twitter Is #FF and the Most Popular Emoji Is

A few stats to mark the social media service's tenth birthday.

Kurt Wagner

The emoji means “tears of joy,” something a few longtime Twitter employees might be shedding as their baby turns 10 years old this week.

It’s also the most popular emoji on Twitter, according to the company, with 14.5 billion symbols tweeted to date. Meanwhile, the “most tweeted hashtag tradition” is #FF, short for “follow Friday,” with 539 million mentions.

Here are some of the other silly stats Twitter released today to commemorate the anniversary. Fun!

Most retweeted tweet: Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie from the 2014 Oscars still holds the crown, with more than 3.3 million retweets to date.

Most followed person: Pop star Katy Perry has nearly 85 million followers.

Most mentioned person: That would be Justin Bieber, who has a mere 77 million followers. Step it up, Beebs!

Most geotagged city: São Paulo, Brazil

Fastest to reach one million followers: Caitlyn Jenner

Number of times “love” shared on Twitter: 34.8 billion mentions

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