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Silicon Valley's Millionaires Who Want to Be Billionaires Finally Have Their Own Print Magazine

Print is not totally dead, at least in Silicon Valley.

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The term “Silicon Valley” has a few definitions. It can be used as shorthand for the tech industry as a whole, or for the combination of California’s San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley where many tech companies reside. There’s also that HBO TV show.

Modern Luxury

Now “Silicon Valley” has yet another meaning: High-end magazine publisher Modern Luxury is launching its newest title, Silicon Valley, a print lifestyle glossy aimed at the money-drenched denizens of the tech industry’s capital corridor.

Modern Luxury already publishes San Francisco magazine, a respected and well-liked local publication that has previously covered the tech industry (including profiles of Uber’s Travis Kalanick and Re/code boss Kara Swisher). So why launch a new publication to cover tech? And why start something in print?

In a phone interview with Re/code, Modern Luxury Editorial Director Beth Weitzman and Silicon Valley Editor in Chief Anh-Minh Le shed some light on their thinking.

“Silicon Valley is obviously one of the leading wealth-generating markets in the world,” Weitzman said. “It’s an influential center for culture and community that goes far beyond [the area]. The HBO show … indicates there’s interest nationally on the lifestyle of Silicon Valley.”

As for what differentiates Silicon Valley (the magazine) from San Francisco (also the magazine), Le said that Silicon Valley (magazine) will have “more localized content generated by people who actually live in this area and understand what we’re interested in.” She pointed to articles in the first issue featuring Swisher and food writing by James Beard Award-winner Carolyn Jung.

Weitzman characterized San Francisco magazine as “more of a traditional city magazine-type model,” and said Silicon Valley (magazine) will cover broader trends like philanthropy, culture and the lifestyles of the very rich and somewhat famous.

“Modern Luxury with Silicon Valley will skew a bit higher end, and more in line with our core Modern Luxury publications,” she added. “[Silicon Valley magazine] is unique. … But in a way, it sort of mirrors what we do with Aspen magazine.”

The business of print magazines in 2016, as a whole, is not good. Weitzman said that Modern Luxury has been able to “buck the trend, by focusing in the luxury realm,” and that the company is looking to build out print products in more cities across the country that have rich people who will spend money on them, and where advertisers want to spend money on showing luxury products to rich people.

Below, from the Modern Luxury media kit, is an idea of who the target audience is:

modern luxury silicon valley

The magazine will be published on a bimonthly basis, and the first issue is out on newsstands now. You can subscribe here and get a year for free. The first cover story is about Tristan Walker, an entrepreneur who launched a company that makes beauty products aimed at black customers.

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