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How Chris Christie just became a meme of a meme

Sad Joe Biden now has a friend in Sad Chris Christie.

The internet illuminati decided Tuesday night to photoshop a despondent Christie at Donald Trump's Super Tuesday victory speech next to the popular meme of a 2014 photograph of the vice president featuring morose existential captions.

The Sad Joe Biden meme originated from a Getty photo of Biden staring pensively out the window of the Oval Office during a summit with the Ukrainian president over rising tensions in Eastern Europe. A Twitter user challenged the web to caption it, spiraling to BuzzFeed and the Washington Post and resulting in a lot of dark and funny captions you can see here, here and here.

Fast-forward to Super Tuesday night 2016, when former presidential candidate Christie, who suspended his own presidential campaign after performing poorly in Nevada's caucuses, stood behind Trump for his victory speech looking just as despairing as Biden did trying to solve unrest with Russian separatists.

Republican Rep. Justin Amash said the whole dynamic seemed like it was "staged to look like a hostage situation," tweeting that "Chris Christie just gave what looked like a coerced confession."

BuzzFeed retweeted a Vine of Christie's face to ominous music.

And thus a meme, or meme of a meme, was born.