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Anonymous Distributes Donald Trump's Personal Info

The hactivist group declared "total war" on Trump.


The hactivist group Anonymous has begun to carry out its threat against Donald Trump, distributing an extensive amount of personal information about the Republican presidential front-runner online.

The group posted to Pastebin, a site that Sony’s hackers used for distributing information stolen from the film studio, to publish extensive details about Trump — including what purports to be his home address, social security number, birth certificate and phone numbers.

Others are recirculating the information on Twitter, under the hashtag #OpTrump.

A spokesperson for Trump said that government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Trump’s accounts. She declined to provide further details.

It is unclear whether there is any connection between the hactivist group’s activities and a letter sent Thursday to the Manhattan apartment of Trump’s son, Eric, threatening harm to his two children if the candidate remains in the race.

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