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LinkedIn's Videos Are Now Free on Some Commercial Flights

Tip for helping your video content stand out: Offer it when people don't have many other options.

Virgin America via YouTube

Here’s a tip for helping your video content stand out online: Make sure people see it when they don’t have many other options.

That’s exactly what LinkedIn is doing to promote, the library of online classes it bought last year for a whopping $1.5 billion. LinkedIn announced Tuesday that it’s partnering with Virgin America to offer those classes for free to in-flight passengers. Beginning in April, a handful of classes will be free on all Virgin flights, and the entire library will be free for flights with higher quality Wi-Fi technology.

No money is changing hands as part of the partnership, according to a LinkedIn spokesperson, but the potential benefits to LinkedIn are simple enough to understand. You’ll still need a account to watch videos, so it may help LinkedIn sign up more users.

Plus, the competition for eyeballs on an airplane is usually pretty weak. The chance to learn a new skill or brush up on stress management may seem more appealing than random episodes of “Deadliest Catch” or “Cupcake Wars,” especially to business travelers. It’s basically a free opportunity to introduce its video library to potential new users — in the hope they will like the videos enough to pay for them sometime later down the road.

If not, it still doesn’t cost LinkedIn anything in the process. It has offered free courses before. But this move does show how serious the company is about generating attention for It paid a lot of money for the online classroom, and now it’s working to make it all back.

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