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Who are Donald Trump's supporters? Samantha Bee talked to some to find out.

As Donald Trump's rise in American politics continues, many bewildered Americans have posed the same question: Just who are the people supporting this guy?

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee tried to find out. In a segment aired on Monday, she talked to a diverse group of Trump supporters to understand why they support him.

Much of the support seemed to be based on Trump's style. One person said that "what makes Mr. Trump great" is that he makes jokes. Another said, "He's got very sort of simplistic but evocative language that I think speaks to a lot of people at almost like a limbic or primal level."

But the supporters did not appreciate when Bee took Trump's comments at face value. Time and time again, they argued that media coverage of Trump is unfair.

So when Bee asked, "Can you acknowledge that it is literally impossible as a member of the media to ignore a person when they say that they would punch a protester in the face?" One supporter responded, "It's a context thing!" (Trump's full quote was, "He's walking out, like big high-fives, smiling, laughing. I'd like to punch him in the face.")

At one point, Bee brought up Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from coming to the US. The group quickly shouted, "Temporarily!"

Some defended the plan. One woman said, "It's about security, not religion." Another said, "He wants to save our country from terrorism."

Others characterized coverage of the proposal — which Trump's campaign abruptly made in December — as part of the media's attempt to take Trump down. In one exchange, Bee and supporters went back and forth:

Trump supporter A: "The media is always saying how Donald Trump is talking about banning all Muslims."

Samantha Bee: "Well, he talks about it."

Trump supporter B: "The media has agenda. Like Huffington Post releases, 'xenophobe, racist!'"

It's a theme that pops up again and again: According to his supporters, it's not that Trump's comments are outlandish and deserve media scrutiny, but that the media is out to get him.

It can be easy to mock, and Bee does throughout the video. But the Trump supporters seem genuine — and help explain the billionaire's rise in American politics.

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