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How One App Aims to Disrupt the Desk Lunch

Allset joins the dining app fray, bringing start-to-finish fast-casual convenience to sit-down restaurants.

Anna Frajtova / Shuttterstock

Where did you eat lunch today? Chances are, you were at your desk. But Stas Matviyenko, founder of the app Allset, wants to change that: “Our mission is to bring people from offices to restaurants, to get all the benefits of a restaurant experience and have a proper lunch break,” he says. The app coordinates with restaurants and combines reservations, ordering, and payment into one interface, and ensures lunch arrives moments after diners arrive. “We called it Allset because every time you finish in the restaurant and everything is okay,” Matviyenko says, “everyone says ‘all set.'”

Allset combines a lot of the features available in other apps. Reservations can be made on Resy and orders placed on various delivery apps; payments can be made with apps like Cover, which was bought by Velocity, a similar app from the UK. OpenTable has recently began to include payments along with reservations. Ordering on most delivery apps now includes some element of timing, such as a text notifying diners when their food is en route.

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