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DeepMind Founder Demis Hassabis on How AI Will Shape the Future (Q&A)

Beating Go was just the start -- DeepMind has designs on health care, robots and your phone.

The Verge

DeepMind’s stunning victories over Go legend Lee Sedol have stoked excitement over artificial intelligence’s potential more than any event in recent memory. But the Google subsidiary’s AlphaGo program is far from its only project — it’s not even the main one. As co-founder Demis Hassabis said earlier in the week, DeepMind wants to “solve intelligence,” and he has more than a few ideas about how to get there.

In a conversation with The Verge early in the morning after AlphaGo’s first triumph over Lee Sedol, Hassabis talked about the Go challenge, video games, next-gen smartphone assistants, DeepMind’s role within Google, robotics, how AI could help scientific research and more. Dive in — it’s deep.

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