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CNN's surprisingly substantive Republican debate, in 21 tweets

Debates are supposed to offer journalists and pundits a unique time to come together and snark on Twitter.

After a debate last week with literal penis jokes, CNN's Republican debate on Thursday was … surprisingly disappointing for snark. The debate was substantive and focused on policy — not exactly ideal for Twitter jokes.

Nonetheless, there were some good moments on Twitter. Here's a roundup of some of Vox's favorite tweets of the night, from the best zingers to the best takes.

The chair of the Republican Party had to assure everyone that the party will support whoever wins, even Donald Trump

Trump was surprisingly subdued

The other candidates were fairly subdued too

Still, there was some time for Islamophobia

Trump called for reversing immigration policies he admittedly abuses as a businessman

Trump sounded a lot like Democrats on Social Security

But Trump also continued making unrealistic policy proposals

Ultimately, Trump didn't look weaker at the end of the night — right before the primary election in Florida that could seal his nomination

Watch: Donald Trump's rise is a scary moment in America

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