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The 5 best moments from the new Captain America: Civil War trailer

Captain America: Civil War.
Captain America: Civil War.
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The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is here, and it does not disappoint. Spider-Man is web-slinging. Scarlet Witch is doing her crazy red energy stuff. Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye are bringing heat. And, yes, Iron Man and Captain America — America's two dads — are fighting.

For a long time, we've known Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America) will be at odds with each other in Civil War. The new trailer, and the one that preceded it, sheds some new light on their conflict: Tony wants to keep people safe, and Steve wants to keep people, superheroes especially, free.

Their fellow superheroes — the Avengers — all have personal reasons for why they do or do not want their superhero-ing regulated. Hawkeye has a family. Black Panther has a country to protect. Scarlet Witch is tired of seeing Tony Stark's missiles cause destruction under the guise of keeping people safe. And Ant-Man is, well, who knows — we'll find out in time.

In short, the new trailer is packed with potential. Here are its five best moments (four them are fights!):

1) Spider-Man makes his debut

Captain America: Civil War. (Marvel)

This is the gem of the trailer. It hasn't exactly been a secret that Spider-Man will appear in Civil War, but the wait to see the beloved character in action has been excruciating. However, I would have understood if Marvel had held off on revealing him until the movie's release; some people are justifiably concerned that the trailer doesn't leave fans any more surprises.

But while Marvel decided to give us a taste of the webslinger, at least one detail of his role in the movie is still up in the air. It appears he's on Iron Man's side, but why would a masked superhero join the fight for more regulation? We'll have to wait for the movie to find out.

2) Black Panther kicks ass

Captain America: Civil War. (Marvel)

Civil War also marks the debut of Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character, a superhero king from the fictional country of Wakanda, was featured in the first trailer for the movie, so his appearance doesn't have the shock value of Spidey's. But this chase scene and ensuing fight scene with Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. the Winter Soldier) are pretty spiffy.

3) Ant-Man arrow!

Captain America: Civil War. (Marvel)

Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)'s superpower — shrinking himself to a tiny, tiny size — allows him to do all sorts of fun things. But one of its biggest payoffs is all the inventive visual stuff Marvel can do with it, like making the mini version of Ant-Man ride on Hawkeye's arrows.

4) Scarlet Witch and Vision face off

Captain America: Civil War. (Marvel)

Let's be honest: Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) could, if they wanted to, completely overwhelm the rest of the Avengers. Along with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) — who is busy doing other stuff on Asgard and not appearing in Civil War — Scarlet Witch and Vision are on a different level. They're both insanely powerful, and their powers don't require shields, serums, gadgets, or machines.

So naturally they have to fight each other instead of taking out the other, weaker-powered heroes. And based on the new trailer, it looks like Scarlet Witch has the upper hand.

5) Crossbones and Captain America exchange some punches

Captain America: Civil War (Marvel)

If you blinked during the trailer, you may have missed this scene. Spliced alongside fights between various Avengers is an encounter between Crossbones (Frank Grillo) and Captain America.

*Spoiler alert* In the comic book story, Crossbones plays a role in Captain America's eventual death. So this fight should be especially worrisome to anyone on Team Cap. *End spoiler alert*

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6.