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Google, Twitter and Associated Press Partner to Create Political Tracking Tool in Time for Super Tuesday

The site provides real-time snapshots of the 2016 campaign.

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

The Associated Press, Google and Twitter have partnered to create an online tracking tool that shows what people are searching for and saying about the 2016 presidential race. The site, called AP Election Buzz, launches today — just in time for Super Tuesday.

AP Election Buzz uses information gleaned from political terms searched on Google and campaign-related conversations on Twitter to provide a snapshot of the race over the last 24 hours, and how attention is shifting over time.

AP Election Buzz

The site draws from Google searches and tweets to show which candidates or issues are top of mind with voters — and how that has changed over the last 24 hours. It’s the sort of information news organizations already cite as they report on the high-profile race. Now, AP customers will be able to embed these graphics as part of their ongoing election coverage.

AP Election Buzz

This isn’t the first time Google and Twitter have teamed up — Google displays tweets in Google searches on mobile and desktop.

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