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Super Tuesday, from Donald Trump's wins to Chris Christie’s face, in 28 tweets

Donald Trump and Chris Christie on Super Tuesday.
Donald Trump and Chris Christie on Super Tuesday.
John Moore/Getty Images

Waiting for election results to trickle in for hours and hours and hours can be a drag. But one upside is it gives snarky journalists, pundits, and other election watchers time to make a bunch of jokes on Twitter.

Super Tuesday was no exception. From Donald Trump's dominance to Chris Christie's facial expressions, there was plenty to panic and joke about throughout the night.

Here's a roundup of some of Vox's favorite tweets of the night, from the best zingers to the most interesting points.

Of course Donald Trump dominated the Republican primary — and Twitter had a lot of fun with it

But Trump still has small hands, says Twitter

Chris Christie introduced Donald Trump. Then Christie's face stole the show.

Marco Rubio's big hope was Virginia. He lost.

Marco Rubio did win Minnesota. But that's it.

By the way, Ted Cruz actually won states — Texas and Oklahoma

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders gave a very early speech, maybe to avoid giving a much sadder one later on

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, seems to be looking forward to the general election

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