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Everyone's wifi is terrible — even President Obama's

They have bad wifi too.
They have bad wifi too.
Pool/Getty Images

In his final year at the White House, President Barack Obama is on a mission … to fix the White House's wifi.

Yup, the White House, the home and workplace of the leader of the free world, has a bad wifi connection.

"This is an old building, so there are a lot of dead spots where the wifi doesn't work," Obama said on CBS in a joint interview with Michelle Obama about their Sunday Super Bowl plans.

The spotty connection is on his list of things to fix for the next president.

"The whole tech thing, we've been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks," Obama said.

Obama has been a notable binge-watcher of some TV shows like House of Cards, Homeland, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. The spotty wifi sounds like it makes streaming TV shows an irritation for the whole family.

"It can be a little sketchy," Michelle said. "The girls are just irritated by it."