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Samantha Bee's new show hilariously captured the existential despair of Jeb Bush's campaign

It's no secret that the "Jeb!" campaign, which early on many speculated would be a top contender among GOP candidates, has become more of a "Jeb?" campaign. This has prompted the "foreign correspondent" for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee (the new show from the Daily Show alum) to go to New Hampshire to figure out why:

"We've come to New Hampshire because we have questions for this question mark of a Jeb with an exclamation point. This candidate who should be winning but instead is totally getting his ass handed to him by an oddly tinted compilation of psychiatric symptoms [Donald Trump] and by a man who seems like he would lecture a starving kitten on personal responsibility and then deport that kitten and his family [Ted Cruz]."

Watch the whole segment from the show's premiere in the video above.

Here's what they found:

  • If Jeb were a drink, he would be milk, because "milk is just a normal thing that wouldn't be fantastic if you could choose any drink but it's a solid drink to have," according to one New Hampshire supporter.
  • Some 22-year-old Republicans want to kick him in the balls and then go vote for Donald Trump.
  • Bush is giving children small turtle charms and telling them that slow and steady wins the race.

The takeaway

A third Bush presidency is a "long shot ... I wouldn't rule him out," one New Hampshire resident told Bee's correspondent, a sentiment that seems to be carrying the Bush campaign through Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire.

Bush has been fluctuating in the New Hampshire polls in the past week, typically placing as one of the top five candidates. The Emerson College Polling Society even placed him second behind Donald Trump in a poll released Tuesday. Trump, who has repeatedly called Jeb "low energy," has continued to dominate the Republican contest and is expected to win in New Hampshire.

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