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On Female Fuccboi Style

I love the ontological aspects of Internet style, but dressing has gone woefully algorithmic.

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What’s the female term for fuccboi? Fuccboi being, loosely, dude fashion lemmings. I ask because I need it to describe some clothing choices I’ve been seeing of late.

It’s not exactly “basic.” Basic is a heathered snood. A mock-angora, warm-weather beanie. It’s skinny jeans with too many zippers tucked into boots. It’s a pre-distressed fast-fashion M65 from F21. Basic is believing nude platforms are working because bodycon is still a thing, or owning ballet flats. Basic is fine. It’s regional, like your special word for soda. It just means you live in Portland or Jersey, which can happen to anyone.

The male fuccboi, at least in the sense I mean, is the hypebeast in a post-health-goth world. I’m not discussing the imagined sociological implications of the word, where a Tinder guy acts like a Tinder guy.

I’m speaking purely in style terms. I’m talking about those heads for whom a $100 knock-off of a $885 Vetements hoodie is a justifiable investment. Someone who actually believes Kanye “made it so we could wear tight jeans.” Goons who are contemplating Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh at rack, call Raf Simons “dad,” and have a boner for A Bathing Ape in 2016 while remaining oblivious to what in the actual fuck a Nigo is.

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