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Beyoncé Gives Bill Gates a Shoutout in Her Amazing New Video

Will she debut it during the Super Bowl half time show?

Because this weekend we’re all about Super Bowl 50 here at Re/code and because we love Beyoncé, there’s this: The artist who will be joining Coldplay later today during the Super Bowl half time show chose this weekend to debut an unexpected new single.

It’s called “Formation,” a really riveting black power anthem well worth your time. But if you absolutely need a tech angle, Microsoft Chairman and co-founder Bill Gates gets a big shoutout in the lyrics: “You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making/I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making.”

Anyway, it’s the first big effort from Beyoncé since her 2014 album, “Beyoncé: Platinum Edition.” You can see the video on YouTube — it’s embedded below — and the track is also available for streaming and download exclusively on Tidal (founded by her husband Jay Z).

No one’s quite sure if she’ll debut the song during the performance, although it would kind of make sense since millions around the world will be watching, right? Rolling Stone says she’s been spotted rehearsing it ahead of the show. Maybe!

Here’s the video.

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