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Larry David and Bernie Sanders United at Last on SNL (Video)

Feel the Bern -- but no shaking or popping, please.

Via Saturday Night Live

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his pop-culture doppelganger, the comedian Larry David, appeared together on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” last night.

David, the “Seinfeld” co-creator who also gave us “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO, has in recent months added a side gig as SNL’s official Sanders impersonator for the duration of the election, because he’s funny but also spot-on.

In the sketch, David/Bernie is on a steamship that’s in trouble and has a big problem with the captain’s orders to evacuate the women and children first.

Here’s the video:

Later on, David mixed his Sanders impersonation with a sendup of his “Curb,” called “Bern Your Enthusiasm.” In scenarios straight from the Larry David playbook, the candidate declines to shake the hand of a voter after’s she’s coughed on it. SNL regulars appear as “Curb” regulars Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman and J.B. Smoove. Enjoy.

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