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Super Bowl 2016: call out commercial clichés with our bingo cards

There are no guarantees as far as whether Super Bowl 50 will be a decent football game, but at the very least there will be commercials.

Oh, how there will be commercials! Big ones, small ones, patriotic ones, relentlessly shameless ones. But even with every company shelling out huge amounts of money for ad space, chances are there will only be a couple of commercials that are truly surprising. Fifty Super Bowls in, we pretty much know what to expect.

So to keep things interesting between the Panthers-versus-Broncos gameplay, we made you some bingo cards to see how this year's commercials stack up. We even made you two different versions, so you can challenge a friend to keep her eyes peeled for the expected cameos and stereotypes. Good luck!

super bowl bingo 2