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Hey Seattle! Amazon's Treasure Truck Is Now Rolling.

Catch it if you can.


Ever exploring the territory that lies between online and traditional in-store retail, Amazon today announced via Twitter and Instagram that its Treasure Truck, essentially a store on wheels, is up and running in the Seattle area.

The Treasure Truck concept works like this: It carries a limited quantity of one product each day that shoppers can order via Amazon’s mobile app and then collect by meeting the truck at a designated pickup location. Amazon first started talking about the truck last summer.

The thing is, you have to move fast. The first item was a GoPro Hero4 Black video camera, and it had apparently sold out by about noon local time or about an hour after it was first announced.

It’s the latest example of Amazon experimenting with physical retailing. There’s the bookstore in Seattle and there are plans for more stores, selling not only books but other items. Last year, it filed a patent application for a store where shoppers wouldn’t have to stop at check-out counters.

If you live in Seattle and missed the truck, don’t worry. You can sign up for alerts for the next deal in the Amazon app.

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