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Bernie Sanders got more time in the Democratic debate, but just barely

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had their first one-on-one debate Thursday in New Hampshire — and the two ended up sharing the stage pretty equally. Sanders spoke about a minute longer than Clinton overall. This is pretty different from the first Democratic debate, when Clinton was clearly the dominant speaker.

Clinton and Sanders attacked each other — and Wall Street — a lot

With the field narrowed to the two candidates, Sanders and Clinton ended up talking directly to one another a lot. Sanders mentioned Clinton 31 times — and Clinton name-checked her opponent 27 times.

There was one other big presence on the debate stage last night: Wall Street. The candidates mentioned Wall Street 27 times — way more than they talked about Donald Trump.

If we look at internet searches, Sanders has been leading by a small margin since the Iowa caucuses. At the end of last night, he kept his narrow lead.