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Apple Must Pay $625 Million for Infringing Patents With FaceTime, iMessage

East Texas jury gives patent holding company VirnetX a win.

The Verge

Apple must pay $625.6 million to a patent holding firm, a U.S. court has ruled, for infringing on a number of its intellectual properties. A jury ruled unanimously in favor of VirnetX — which reportedly only makes money through suing for patent violations — agreeing that Apple had infringed communications protocol patents in its FaceTime, VPN on Demand and iMessage services, as well as in the devices that used them.

This is the second time VirnetX has sued Apple for the use of these specific patents, after the company previously won a judgment of $368 million from the tech giant in 2012, and almost scoring a “running royalty” of one percent of iPhone and iPad sales. Apple was forced to redesign FaceTime after the jury ruled in favor of VirnetX, but that verdict was later thrown out in 2014, when an appellate court stated the decision was “tainted.”

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