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Mr. Popular: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Apple's Tim Cook Top List of Tech’s Most Likeable CEOs

Zuckerberg has a 48 percent favorability rating among registered voters.

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This is fitting: The man who invented the “Like” has generated a lot of them in real life, too.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tops a recent poll of the most favorable tech CEOs, sporting a 48 percent favorability rating. Apple’s Tim Cook is second with 39 percent despite (or maybe thanks to?) an ongoing public battle with the FBI over user privacy, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is close behind with 38 percent. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in the midst of a pretty public company turnaround effort, got 21 percent.

This is all according to Morning Consult, a media and analytics company that polled 1,935 registered voters earlier this week to get the results.

A 48 percent favorability rating isn’t bad for Zuckerberg. Remember when he had “I’m CEO, Bitch” business cards and a massive chip on his shoulder? That attitude and accompanying outside perception is long gone in Silicon Valley, especially within Facebook headquarters, and apparently it has trickled down to the general voting public, too. Here’s a New York Times piece from Saturday about Zuck’s influence on startup CEOs (spoiler: they love him).

But being likable doesn’t necessarily make you recognizable. Nearly a third of respondents “hadn’t heard of” Zuckerberg, and 44 percent said the same about Cook.

Oh, and 51 percent of voters think Apple should unlock the iPhone. Affirm CEO Max Levchin agrees.

Morning Consult

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