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Oscars 2016: The bear from The Revenant got invited. Awwww.

Not since the dog from The Artist has an animal so dominated awards season.

The bear from The Revenant made it to the Oscars!

After Benicio Del Toro and Jennifer Garner introduced the 12-times-nominated survival film from the stage, the camera panned out into the audience to find the drama's most famous co-stars. Naturally, Leonardo DiCaprio was there, but it seems the Academy also invited the bear that attacks him near the start of the film.

The bear from The Revenant.
The bear!

It was a triumphant day for animals in film. Not since the little dog from The Artist popped up everywhere during the 2012 awards season has a non-human mammal made such an impact.

Truth be told, The Revenant hasn't been able to escape the "Heh, the bear from The Revenant is here!" joke all awards season long. (Jonah Hill even came out "dressed" as the bear at the Golden Globes.) And yet I laugh at it every time. I am but a simple fellow.

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