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The Weinstein Company Is Making a TV Show Based on Jason Calacanis's Launch Festival

"I wanted to do something that was super authentic and that inspired people to start companies."


There’s a lot of TV buzz about Silicon Valley these days. There’s the eponymous HBO TV show (which returns for its third season next month), a canceled Syfy reality TV show about startups and an in-the-works Fox project based on a story by former Re/code reporter Nellie Bowles.

Here’s another one: The Weinstein Company is working with well-known Silicon Valley angel investor Jason Calacanis, an early backer of Uber and Tumblr, to develop a reality TV show partly based on Calacanis’s Launch events for the startup world.

Weinstein Co., Calacanis and producer Carmella Casinelli are going to begin working on the project at next week’s Launch Festival in San Francisco. Over text message, Calacanis told Re/code that he has “been pitched on doing a reality show a dozen times, but never by anyone with Harvey [Weinstein’s] track record.”

“I wanted to do something that was super authentic and that inspired people to start companies. So, this is going to be a real look inside of my incubator, with 100 percent of the startups and investors being real,” Calacanis said. “The show is being taped in San Francisco and the winner is going to get a serious investment.”

Calacanis declined to disclose on which network has bought the show, saying only that “the partner and the experts by my side will be announced shortly.”

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