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Johana Bhuiyan Is Now Driving Re/code's Transportation Coverage

Although early in her career, she has become the go-to reporter on all things transportation.

It’s early in her career, but Johana Bhuiyan has already become the go-to reporter on all things transportation, as the critical sector moves into the future at ever faster speeds. That’s why we are thrilled to have her take over this important beat at Re/code, starting March 7.

One needs only to read her timely and tough pieces on Uber, the kingpin of the car-sharing market, to see how she approaches the topic. But Uber will not be the only area in her wide-ranging beat — it will also encompass self-driving cars from Apple and Google; efforts by Tesla and Faraday Future to remake the car industry, as stalwarts like Ford and General Motors try to go electric; and the prospects for drones, yachts, planes and whatever the heck Hyperloop is up to.

In other words, if it moves, Johana will cover it.

She has been writing about the future of transportation since 2014, most recently for BuzzFeed News. Before that, she was a media reporter covering the business of digital media companies at Politico New York.

Johana, a born and bred New Yorker, attended Lehigh University, where she studied journalism as well as global and religious studies.

And now she has arrived at Re/code, where she is geared up for a whole lot of great reporting on the companies that are leading the charge in transportation, as well as those that are left behind.

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