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Watch: Marco Rubio finally landed a great hit on Donald Trump

Marco Rubio finally landed a big hit on Donald Trump at Thursday's Republican debate.

After getting criticized for repeating the same line at a previous debate, Rubio called out Trump for doing the exact same thing at Thursday's event.

"Now he's repeating himself," Rubio said, to uproarious applause from the audience.

Trump fired back, trying to bring up that Rubio repeated himself at a previous debate. "He's the guy who repeats himself," Trump said. "I saw him melt down on the stage like I've never seen anybody."

But Rubio held his ground. He said, "I see him repeat himself every night. He says five things: 'Everyone's dumb, he's gonna make America great again, we're gonna win, win, win, he's winning in the polls, and the lines around the state.'"

Rubio's description here actually nails Trump's strategy. As Vox's Ezra Klein previously noted, Trump is a master of constantly emphasizing how much of a winner he is. It's all he talks about in his speeches. He has even made claims as extravagant as, "I am going to be the greatest jobs president that God ever created."

It's clear Trump wants to win, but it's not exactly clear how he will make America great again.

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