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Bill Gates: The Energy Breakthrough That Will 'Save Our Planet' Is Less Than 15 Years Away

Bill Gates is one of those people for whom "needs no introduction" is actually true.

Ramin Talaie / Getty Images

Bill Gates is one of those people for whom “needs no introduction” is actually true. The polymathic Microsoft founder now leads the world’s largest and most important private foundation, and he’s using that platform to predict that we’re finally on the cusp of the clean energy breakthrough that’s going to save the world.

I spoke with Gates about a week ago for nearly an hour. We talked about whether innovation is actually enough to stop climate change, why rich countries need to drive their carbon emissions down to zero, the controversial idea that technological innovation is slowing down (Gates disagrees with it, to say the least), how close we are to true artificial intelligence, and whether Americans are still good at taking intellectual risks.

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