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John Kasich is supposed to be the moderate in the Republican race. Samantha Bee calls BS.

With Jeb Bush out of the Republican primary, Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems to be the only GOP candidate who's widely considered a moderate.

But on Full Frontal on Monday, host Samantha Bee went after Kasich's moderate label.

"Is Kasich really the huggable moderate he's made out to be?" Bee said. "She asked, in a clunky and ham-fisted attempt at foreshadowing."

Bee specifically pointed to Kasich's record on LGBTQ rights and women's health:

  • Kasich has framed himself as a moderate on same-sex marriage, saying he went to the wedding of a friend who's gay. But Bee demurred: "Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage, was originally called Obergefell v. Kasich, after the governor who refused to recognize the out-of-state marriage of two men, one of whom was terminally ill."
  • Kasich rarely talks about his record on reproductive and abortion rights, even though some anti-abortion advocates have called him the strongest anti-abortion candidate. Bee pointed out, "If you live outside Ohio, you don't hear much about Kasich's anti-choice record because he hides his abortion restrictions in larger budget bills, where they won't be noticed."
  • Kasich has said there are exceptions to his opposition to abortion — including rape and incest. "It's not even true," Bee said, pointing out that Kasich banned late-term abortions in Ohio without such exceptions.

Kasich may be moderate on some issues compared with the rest of the Republican field — he's called out other candidates' budget-busting tax plans, and he backed the Obamacare-funded Medicaid expansion in Ohio. But if you're a same-sex couple who wants to marry or a woman seeking an abortion, Kasich may not look very moderate to you — and neither do the other candidates.