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Marc Andreessen Is Enjoying a 'Social Media Vacation'

Sounds kind of pleasant, actually.

nDreams / Perfect Beach

Marc Andreessen is enjoying a little 21st century R&R.

It has been almost two weeks since the prominent venture capitalist and Facebook board member committed a Twitter faux pas that transcended borders. Andreessen took a lot of heat for the incident, in which he criticized Indians for rejecting Facebook’s free Internet product, and he has apparently put himself in a self-imposed Twitter timeout: He hasn’t tweeted once since February 10. Same goes for posting on Facebook.

That’s a long time for someone like Andreessen, one of The Valley’s most prominent tweeters, a tweetstorm enthusiast and a longtime Facebook board member. He tweets a ton — more than 88,000 times in total. People are noticing.

So what’s the deal? Has Twitter lost one of its chattiest users?

“Just enjoying a soothing social media vacation. ” Andreessen wrote to me via email on Sunday, smiley face included.

To be honest, that sounds somewhat pleasant. But it looks like that vacation may be nearing its end. Fortune’s Dan Primack noted in his newsletter, “Term Sheet,” last Thursday that Andreessen hadn’t even liked any tweets. He liked a bunch on Sunday.

All vacations must come to an end.

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