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LG's G5 Is a Radical Reinvention of the Flagship Android Smartphone

The beautiful G5 and its plug-in Friends have arrived.

The Verge

Today LG introduces its latest flagship Android smartphone, the G5. Launching alongside a raft of accessories and plug-in modules, the G5 will be defined in most people’s eyes by its extras, but I think it will be one of the more memorable devices of MWC 2016 simply because it’s a terrific phone in its own right.

The immediate reaction when picking up the G5 and inspecting its aluminum-clad body is that it looks and feels very much like a smaller version of Google’s Nexus 6P. LG’s fingerprint scanner is positioned in the same spot as the 6P’s Nexus Imprint, and the G5’s camera module also protrudes ever so slightly from the body. Both phones are housed in anodized aluminum and available in silver and gold colorways, and both have beautiful, high-resolution (2560 x 1440) displays. LG enjoys a couple of subtle advantages: with a 5.3-inch screen, the G5 has higher pixel density than the 6P or LG’s 2015 flagship G4, and the new phone’s unibody shell is undisturbed by any antenna lines. They are still there, but LG uses a process it calls micro-dizing to perfectly disguise the antennas.

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