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Mayer Defends Her Turnaround, Even as Board Puts Company on Block

You gotta give it to the Yahoo CEO for her drive to not fail.

Yahoo announced its fourth-quarter earnings today and they pretty much met lackluster expectations.

But the real news was that Yahoo put itself up for sale. Except, at the same time, it did not put itself up for sale, trying to have it both ways.

That’s because CEO Marissa Mayer clearly wants more time to turn around her so-far failed turnaround. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s board indicated that it was open to exploring “strategic alternatives.”

In other words, a sale. Possible buyers: A big telco like Verizon or AT&T, a media giant like News Corp or perhaps a private equity firm.

Mayer and CFO Ken Goldman appeared in their quarterly call with analysts to talk about it all.

Here we go!

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