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Single and feeling the Bern? This dating site is for you.

 Sanders supporters celebrate during the Iowa caucuses.
Sanders supporters celebrate during the Iowa caucuses.

Say you’re spending your days drinking out of a Bernie Sanders coffee mug, sporting your Bernie Sanders underwear, and maybe even sleeping with a little crocheted Bernie doll with a perfect wisp of white hair. But say that’s not enough.

Well, a new dating site has answered your prayers. By joining, you can now even snatch up your very own Bernie Bro — or lady.

That’s right: A dating site has cropped up exclusively to make romantic pairings amongst the Vermont senator’s most enthusiastic fans. Especially after two Sanders supporters were booted off the popular dating app Tinder for using the app to recruit volunteers, it's time they have a dating platform of their own.

The site’s creators are clearly onto something – young people love Bernie, and they also love online dating.

But the people behind might have underestimated just how many young singles are looking for democratic socialist mates. The Hill reports that the site crashed on Wednesday after attracting 1,000 users in an hour. And the server likely couldn’t keep pace with demand on Thursday either, suffering more intermittent outages in the morning.

The service boasts the same social awareness that is a core appeal of Sanders’s actual candidacy. There are only a few "commandments" governing conduct, and they include, "Thou shall not send nudes without consent from both parties," and, "Thou shall not be creepy, rapey or stalky."

Beyond that, the site simply implores users to abide by one motto: "What would Bernie do?" As long as that directive doesn’t conjure too literal an image, it’s otherwise not a bad proposition.