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Experience Instagram Like Taylor Swift: New App 'Being' Lets You Scroll Through Any User's Feed

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be Justin Bieber? This is kinda like that.


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be Justin Bieber? Or Taylor Swift? Or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Me too. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know that feeling. But you can see Instagram the way they see Instagram, in case that’s a decent alternative.

A new app called Being, which launched in the App Store Thursday, lets you scroll through Instagram as though you’re another user. You can’t act on behalf of that user — that means no “Likes” or comments, for example — but you can see all the same images Bieber sees. Or Swift. Or your BFF from college.

Being uses Instagram’s API* to pull in images and follower info. Any public account is fair game, but the app won’t let you scroll as a private user or pull private images into the feed.

It’s hard to imagine Being as anything more than just a fun gimmick right now. It’s entirely possible Instagram may try to shut the app down; all the info used is public info, but I can’t imagine Instagram wants all of its content to exist on another app where you don’t need the Instagram app to enjoy it.

The flip side: Being could help Instagram users discover other people to follow. You never know which accounts you may stumble upon when scrolling through Instagram as Hillary Clinton. Or Elon Musk. Or … you get the idea.

*Update: Instagram has cut off Being’s access to its API, according to multiple sources, which means the app still exists but it pretty much empty. Instagram believes Being violated its policy guidelines, although it’s not entirely clear which part of the policy.

A Being spokesperson confirmed the API access has been severed and said the company wants to work with Instagram to find a solution. An Instagram spokesperson declined to comment.

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