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Here's the side of the world where 93 percent of people live

Bill Rankin of Radical Cartography has found the "Human Hemisphere," the side of the Earth where 93 percent of humanity lives.

The resulting map, from Rankin, is pretty fascinating:

A map of the "Human Hemisphere." Bill Rankin/Radical Cartography

The map's conclusion isn't exactly surprising: Humans live on land, and much of the world's land is still on one side of the world (and was even more clumped up in the past).

But there are a few tidbits I found particularly interesting:

  • India, Bangladesh, and China are very dense — way, way more pink than the rest of the map.
  • You can barely see Australia. Seriously, try to find it on the map. (It's on the "other 7 percent" side.)
  • Much of the vast expanses without people are, perhaps unsurprisingly, deserts — see the north of Africa and middle of Asia.

It's pretty interesting to look at. If you like it, make sure to check out Rankin's other great work.

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