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Tesla Quietly Raises Prices, Removes Transferability From Service Options (Updated)

This could hurt Model S resale values.

Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

In a quiet update to its policies, Tesla has raised prices on its after-sales service options, and — more significantly — now prevents new Tesla buyers from transferring their extended warranty and prepaid service plans when reselling the car.

By far the biggest change, at least as far as the impact on Tesla buyers, is the ban on transferring Tesla’s extended warranty and prepaid service plans to a new owner when selling a used Tesla. Owners of those plans can cancel and get a pro-rated reimbursement when selling the car, but they can no longer transfer it when selling the car. Previously, transferring those warranty and service plans to a new owner cost $100.

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Update, Feb. 15, 2016: Tesla emailed us that the website was updated in error and that Tesla owners can continue to transfer their plans to a new owner in a private sale.

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