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Here's how much people in your state spend on Valentine's Day gifts

If you live in Kansas, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii, or North Dakota, you're apparently more likely to receive an expensive Valentine's Day present this year — or buy one.

A survey by asked 3,121 Americans how much they spend on Valentine's Day gifts for their loved ones, and figured out which US states spend the most on average.

The answer ranged from $31 (New Hampshire) to $117 (Kansas), and the spending patterns are pretty strange. What's with North Dakota spending $108 on average, but South Dakota spending just $36? Does Idaho ($111) just value romance more highly than Ohio ($41)? It's hard to say what's driving these differences.

The survey also found:

  • 34 percent of respondents say they take their date out to a meal, while 27 percent opt for "Netflix and chill."
  • 37 percent said they didn't buy a gift for their partner at all.
  • The average American spends $91 on a gift and an evening out.
  • The longer the relationship, the cheaper the gift. The average spent is $76 for the first five years, but that drops to $49 after 20 years.