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Uber Agrees to Pay $28.5 Million to Settle 'Safe Ride' Suits

Refunds under the proposed deal would average a bit over 80 cents per rider.

The Verge

Uber is seeking to settle two class-action lawsuits that allege the ride-hail company improperly marketed its safety record to passengers by charging them a flat fee for “safe rides.” It says it will pay $28.5 million to around 25 million passengers who paid the “safe ride fee,” which will amount to less than a dollar per passenger. Still, if approved by a judge, the settlement would be the largest in the San Francisco-based company’s six-year history.

Uber has long-touted its safety record as compared to other for-hire vehicle services like taxis and black cars. But under this agreement, Uber will now have to avoid using certain language when marketing itself, such as “safest ride on the road” and “gold standard in safety.” It will also change the name of the fee it charges each rider, from “safe ride fee” to “booking fee.” The fee will remain on every passenger’s bill, just under a new name.

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