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Google's Alphabet Poaches Intel Veteran Jim Campbell as Its First Controller

Alphabet gets employee number six.

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Alphabet, the Google holding company, has its sixth staffer: Jim Campbell, a VP and 33-year finance veteran at Intel.

Starting next week, Campbell will be the inaugural corporate controller for Alphabet. The company buried the news in its 10-k form released on Thursday.

From the filing:

Jim, age 60, most recently held the position of Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller at Intel Corporation (from 2004 to 2016) where he was responsible for global accounting, financial services and financial reporting. Previously, Jim was based in Europe, responsible for Intel’s international finance operations. He has also been manager of Intel’s Financial Information Systems, responsible for designing, developing and implementing Intel’s internally used financial applications. In addition, he has served as Asia regional audit manager, Microprocessor Group controller and European Controller. Jim was at Intel for over 30 years and also led and managed the international controllers responsible for financial services, statutory compliance and business support.

Alphabet is giving Campbell a $475,000 salary plus a $250,000 signing bonus to be the company’s chief bean counter. He’ll also have two equity grants, worth $3.5 million a pop, that begin vesting this year and after next, respectively.

Campbell now joins Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, executive chairman Eric Schmidt, chief legal officer David Drummond and CFO Ruth Porat in the Alphabet clan.

When speaking about the Alphabet reorg (particularly to Wall Street), the company’s execs have stressed that its intent was to instill tighter financial discipline around its various projects, particularly those outside of core Google, lumped on the balance sheet as Other Bets. “The budgeting process that we went through was a very rigorous process,” Porat said on the earnings call earlier this month. “But very much with a view of having a very disciplined envelope around the way we are looking at the opportunities we have across the Other Bets.”

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