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The Kardashian-Approved Phone Case for Ultimate Selfie Lighting

Lumee wants to light you for the gods.

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If you’ve been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians this season, you may have noticed that Kim, Kris, and Khloe all have new phone cases. Specifically, ones that get held logo-out every time they Facetime, while a frame of LED panels bathes their faces in flattering light. Or maybe you’ve been to Kim’s Instagram and noticed she’s plugging the phone case there (so casually that Hillary Clinton — after taking a selfie with Kim and Kanye back in August — completely missed that it’s an endorsement deal and mentioned how amazing the case is on Ellen).

It’s called a Lumee, and for about $55, any of us mortals can strap it onto our Apple or Samsung devices and start looking better in selfies. As a scientist and aspiring Kardashian family member, I got my hands on a rose gold one and lived a Lumee lifestyle for two weeks to see what the deal was. Here are my findings:

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