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Here's How Much Google Has Spent on Robot Cars, Internet Balloons, Its Anti-Aging Lab and So On

Google lost $3.6 billion on moonshots in 2015.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

On Monday, we got our first look at how much Google has sunk into grandiose ventures outside of its core Internet operations.

It’s not a very detailed look. Regrettably, Google’s parent Alphabet isn’t giving us separate figures for its eight existing non-Google businesses — which include its self-driving car project, the acquired smart-home device unit Nest and the anti-aging lab Calico, among others.

But the conglomerate did disclose fresh figures on the cost, losses and revenue of these projects, dubbed “Other Bets,” in the aggregate for 2015. And they gave us numbers from 2014 and 2013, too.

Here they are, taking into account stock-based compensation:


  • Revenue: $448 million
  • Losses: $3.6 billion
  • Capital expenditures: $869 million


  • Revenue: $327 million
  • Losses: $1.9 billion
  • Capital expenditures: $501 million


  • Revenue: $12 million
  • Losses: $527 million
  • Capital expenditures: $187 million

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