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Former Google Ventures CEO Bill Maris has decided not to go ahead with a new $230 million health care fund

“Life is too short to not be true to yourself.”

Bill Maris
Google Ventures

Bill Maris, who founded Google Ventures and left as its CEO earlier this year, was in the midst of raising a new fund of just over $230 million focused on health care, but it’s not happening.

When I pinged Maris to see where this effort stood today, he said he had just decided not to pull the trigger on the new fund. Here is his email to me: “Your article this week was accurate, in that I was talking to investors about raising my own fund, the capital was available and [I] was about to file the papers this week, but staring down the barrel of doing again exactly what I just did was not inspiring me, and I pulled the plug. Life is too short to not be true to yourself. I'm still taking time off and exploring some other ideas that may be more fun and impactful."

Maris was not more specific about the quick turnaround in his intention, but he's definitely had his share of issues with Silicon Valley’s insular culture, so much so he moved to San Diego to live and commuted from there to Google Ventures. And, like some other leaders of the various Alphabet units, he has tangled with some of its executives, most particularly its powerful head legal honcho David Drummond.

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