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Jack Dorsey has done a good job of hiring women into positions of power

Eighty percent of Square reports to five women.

Henry Dombey for Recode

As the current CEO of both Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey is busy.

He’s always looking for talented people to help manage both Silicon Valley giants, but unlike most CEOs in Silicon Valley, Dorsey has hired a ton of women in leadership roles in both companies.

“Our head of engineering and register business, our chief financial officer, our general counsel, Jackie, who runs capital, and our head of business are all women. So half of my staff is women and 80 percent of the company report up to those five women,” said Dorsey about Square in an interview at Recode’s Code Commerce conference in San Francisco on Tuesday night.

“We were looking for great people, and we found them. It has been amazing for us in terms of the conversation we have in the room,” said Dorsey. “There wasn’t any secret sauce to it. We went after people we thought were phenomenal, and these are the people we came up with and they are phenomenal.”

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