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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says he feels ‘complicated’ about Donald Trump’s relentless tweeting

“I think that’s interesting, I think it’s fascinating,” Dorsey added.

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Twitter has been blamed partly for contributing to the rise of Donald Trump.

How does CEO Jack Dorsey feel about it? The usually thoughtful Dorsey was even more careful with his response Tuesday night when asked about Trump’s Twitter use at Recode’s Code Commerce conference in San Francisco.

“Complicated,” he said. “I feel very proud of the role of the service and what it stands for and everything that we’ve done, and that continues to accelerate every single day. Especially as it’s had such a spotlight on it through his usage and the election.”

“The complicated part,” Dorsey continued, “is just what does this mean to have a direct line to how he’s thinking in real time and to see that.”

“Having the president-elect on our service, using it as a direct line of communication, allows everyone to see what’s on his mind in the moment. I think that’s interesting, I think it’s fascinating, I haven’t seen that before. So we’re definitely entering a new world where everything is on the surface and we can all see it in real time and we can all have conversations about it.”

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